Welcome to Tirumalla Tirupati Multistate Co. Op. Credit Society Limited.

Tirumalla Tirupati Multistate Co-operative Credit Society Limited is a Multi State Co-Operative Society registered under Multi State Co-Operative Society Act 2002, having its registration number MSCS/CR/784/2013 and the registration date is the 8th day of February 2013. The primary objective of the society is to uplift the social and financial status of its members by promoting/educating saving habits amongst them.

The saving products can be in the shape of Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Monthly Income Schemes and some other investment plans. The society has its registered office in Mumbai. The area of operation of the society is limited to the areas of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. The norms and all the rules related to the society are defined under the Byelaws of the society.

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